How far in advance should we start preparing for our first dance at the reception? We have a year before our wedding.

Make your wedding dance part of the planning from the very beginning.

If you start right away, even a year before your wedding, you will have much more fun and the experience will be less stressful. If you wait until the last minute, you will have more stress, get frustrated with each other, and be inundated with many other last minute details that will demand your attention.

Taking your time learning how to dance together will be much more fun and can be a great regular date night in your busy schedules. By starting early, you can really learn this great skill of dancing together. This is a skill that will bring you pleasure for the rest of your lives.

Begin with some basic personal instruction. Learn some fundamental dance moves to get a feel for moving together on a dance floor. Take advantage of the time to dance together as a couple, at clubs, bars, ballrooms and your living room.

If you want a choreographed first dance, pick a song and begin the choreography early. The more time before your wedding, the more time you have for practice and repetition. This will make your first dance together be easy, look effortless and let you have more fun together.


Are you ready to make a move?