Finding a song that sums up the extraordinary love between you and your other half isn’t always easy.  It’s that one song that will be a symbol of your love for one an another forever.  A song that you and your family and friends will remember fondly as your first dance as husband and wife.

Think of your song as a musical and emotional photograph that captures the time, place, and circumstance of the realization of your love.  It’s the song that, when you hear it, conjures an emotional response – a visualization of your shared dreams of spending the rest of your lives together, and a combination of hopes and wishes as two become one.  Once you have found ‘that’ song, or a shortlist of songs, share them with your dance teacher to test the ‘danceability’ of your selections.

At your first dance appointment, your teacher will check the tempos, while also considering the dance type and characteristics.  The ‘danceability’ of a slow rhythm ballad becomes more difficult as the rhythm or tempo of a song is reduced.  In other words, the slower the song, the harder it is for dancing.  As a dance instructor and educator, I highly recommend choosing a song with a tempo that suits the Waltz, Foxtrot or Rumba. Learning one of these dances is a great choice for your wedding, and it is a lifelong skill that you will be able to use throughout your life.

Many of the most popular first dance songs are over 3-4 minutes long.  Now, that doesn’t sound that long at all, but it sure can feel like an eternity if you’re not fully prepared or 100% confident in your dancing!  The optimum time for a first dance should be 2-2.5 minutes long. This will require some coordination with your DJ or band to get the timing just right. If you do need to cut a song back to suit your dance, find the verses that are most meaningful to you or work with the DJ or band to fade the song. Keeping your song shorter and more meaningful will help to keep everyone’s attention firmly on the dance floor.  It’s also a great choice if you’re not 100% confident on the dance floor – you will be thankful for it on the day!

Whatever you decide, speak to your dance teacher and your DJ or band early in the wedding planning process.  Song choice isn’t something that can be left until the last minute if you want a smooth-sailing special day.  Contact Chicago Dance to discuss your first dance song choice today! We offer private lessons and we can work with you to create the first dance you’ve always dreamed of.


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