Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it’s also a very busy time. With so much to think about – the ceremony, the caterers, photographers, honeymoon, dresses and suits – be sure not to forget your wedding dance. Your first dance together as husband and wife should be magical. You’ve just pledged your commitment to each other and it’s a demonstration of your love and union in front of your dearest family and friends. To avoid unnecessary stress, it’s best to begin practicing your wedding dance early on, so you’ll dance confidently on your special day. Here are some tips to keep your wedding dance plans on track!
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Sign Up for Dance Lessons (the earlier the better!)

The single most effective way to guarantee a beautiful wedding dance is to sign up for dance lessons. With the growing popularity of ballroom dancing there are plenty of lessons to choose from. At Chicago Dance we offer both group dance lessons and private lessons for those who prefer one-on-one instruction. The earlier you can start, the more proficient you will become. Starting six months prior to your big day is recommended. As you become more proficient, you will also become much more confident in your dancing.

Choosing Your Wedding Dance Song & Take It To Your First Lesson

Some couples already have a special song, but for others, it can take some time to select the right song for your first dance. Make sure you factor this into your timelines. Dance instructors generally have a great selection of music, but there is a chance they may not have your song, so it’s best to take a copy with you to your first dance lesson. This way, your instructor can focus your lessons on the right kind of dancing to suit your song.

If you’re still unsure about your song, you can always ask your dance instructor or your reception DJ for suggestions. As a guide, it’s best to limit your first dance to around two minutes – as any longer can seem like an eternity out there on the dance floor.

Practice Makes Perfect!

To really make your wedding dance sparkle, you will need to allocate some time each week to practice.   The more you practice, the more at ease you will feel, and this will translate into an impressive performance in front of your family and friends. Great wedding dances aren’t simply about shuffling around the dance floor to your favorite song – they are well choreographed performances on a most memorable day. Put your best foot forward and practice regularly, and you will definitely reap the benefits on your special day.

Wear the Right Shoes

Bring the shoes that you plan to wear on your wedding day along to your dance lessons.   Dancing in sneakers is a whole lot different than dancing in high heels and, depending on your choice of shoe, it may take some time and practice to get used to dancing in your chosen footwear. It’s also a great way to break in your new shoes. By the time your big day comes around they will be comfortable and you’ll be floating around the dance floor elegantly wearing them.

Wear Your Underskirt Ladies

If you’re a bride planning to wear a wedding dress with a full skirt, then it’s important that you wear an underskirt or petticoat for your dance lessons.   Dancing together in regular clothing, and dancing in your wedding outfits can be quite different, and you don’t want any surprises on your wedding day.   It may take some time to learn how to dance while wearing a full skirt and, depending on the size of your underskirt, some adjustments may need to be made for certain turns or dips in your wedding dance.

Be Patient

Sometimes couples learn at different speeds, and learning how to dance together can be challenging. Try to be patient with each other as you learn this new skill. It’s not the end of the world if your partner twirls you the wrong way or steps on your toes. Stay relaxed and enjoy the experience. With professional lessons, practice and a positive attitude, you will be in sync and dazzling your guests with your first dance on your special day.

Contact Chicago Dance to arrange your wedding dance lessons. We offer group classes, personal instruction and wedding choreography services.


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