As a newlywed, your first dance as bride and groom is a special event, for both you and your families.  Your eyes locked on each other in this romantic moment, your family watching on and perhaps shedding a tear – This is the very start of your beautiful life together.  So, it’s definitely worth investing the time and effort into making your first dance the best experience it can possibly be.  It is, after all, a romantic demonstration of your love for one another as you start this brand new chapter of life’s journey.  Here are some tips to inspire your first dance…

special first dance

Experiment with lighting

Professional lighting can make all the difference to your first dance.  Dimming the lights and using a spotlight can add a dramatic effect.  Speak to a lighting professional about what other effects might be available.  For a bold statement, consider using projection to show your favorite photos or a monogram of your names as a personalized backdrop.


Attend dance classes before your big day

Dance classes are a great way to prepare yourselves for your first dance as husband and wife, especially if you’re feeling a little nervous about your dancing ability.    Practice makes perfect, and a professional dance teacher can teach you how to handle yourselves confidently on the dance floor.


Create a choreographed first dance

Your dance teacher is also a great resource if you wish to create your very own professionally choreographed first dance. This is a fabulous way to make a statement on the dance floor on your wedding day.  Your dance teacher will be able to choreograph a dance that will suit your level of dance expertise.  Imagine the surprised looks on your family and friends’ faces when you perform like a star on your wedding day, especially if they’re not used to seeing you dance. Practicing your own unique first dance is also actually a really fun way for a bride and groom to bond before your big day.


Do a flash mob

If you really like the idea of doing something totally unique for your first dance, consider doing a flash mob.  Share your first dance with your bridal party, your parents and your best friends, providing the rest of your guests with a dance spectacle to remember.  It will work best if professionally choreographed and rehearsed, so get everyone together at least a month before the wedding for the best results.


Make it a medley

It is so hard to decide on a wedding dance song, but there are no rules to say you can’t combine your favorite songs into a wedding dance medley.  Start off with a slow, romantic song and then up the tempo and get grooving.  For a seamless transition between songs, chat to your dance teacher/choreographer.  They can teach you the skills you need to know to glide around the dance floor like a pro.
If you’re ready to make your first dance extra special, contact Chicago Dance.  We offer private instruction and group classes and can also help you to choreograph your first dance together on your special day.


Are you ready to make a move?