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Romance of Dance

Have fun – get fit – be romantic

wedding-danceStart your marriage by learning to dance for your wedding, and keep your relationship healthy by growing your dance ability together.

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Dancing by its very nature is a romantic activity. It involves music, and the close proximity of our partner. Dancing is about fun and fantasy and make-believe. It often involves imagination and the telling of a story: the elegance of the Waltz, sensuality of Tango, or the unbridled fun energy of swing. Dance can be a role-playing game where we can be passionate, provocative, strong, or sexy. Dancing with our romantic partner can be a safe place where one can play these games and have a degree of uninhibited fun.

I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.

Ruth St. Denis

Dancing is a romantic date idea which is also an excuse to be affectionate in public with your loved one for an extended period of time. Dance can improve the relationship between two romantic partners. Dancing requires awareness and communication with our partner, and body language accounts for 50% of our communication.

Strengthen your relationship through dancing

Dancing together can encourage the spark of romance for stressed out couples. It’s great for keeping a relationship interesting and long lasting. It is a great hobby to share together. What makes for a successful marriage or long-term relationship? Communication! Dancing will give you the ability to communicate love to your partner.

  • Quality time together – When a couple dances together, they are giving quality time to each other, especially when they only dance together and are not changing partners.
  • Being there for each other – Dancing together should be a give and take, helping each other and learning together.
  • Physical touch – Touching each other in an aware and connected way is integral to dancing. Holding, touching and moving to the music is the most romantic skill any couple can add to their lives.

Dancing provides many opportunities to offer personal and meaningful gifts. For many people receiving gifts is an important way to express or receive love.

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