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Same Sex

Chicago’s same sex wedding dance studio

Wedding Dance Lessons and romantic Ballroom, Latin and Swing Dancing for LGBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer people). Absolutely no dance experience necessary!

Whether you’re preparing for your marriage or just want to learn how to dance together:

Chicago Dance has been teaching people from all backgrounds to be comfortable, composed, and confident on the dance floor. Chicago Magazine has recognized us for the Best Dance Lessons, Time Out Chicago names us a Top 12 Dance Studio, the Knot picked us as a Best of Wedding and we enjoy an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have a 10+ year track record teaching dance in the LGBTQ community.

Gregory Day, the organizer of Dancesport at the Gay Games 2006 in Chicago (where Dancesport was one of five new event to the games) and the impetus for the first Same Sex dance classes in Chicago is the owner of [company_long].

Dance at your wedding, stress-free!

Make your wedding dance the most joyfully memorable dance of your life; we can guarantee you’ll gain the basic dance skills and confidence you’ll need to look great and feel relaxed on the dance floor when all eyes are on you. Plus, dancing is a superb stress-reliever as you count down to your big day, and our years of experience prove we will make learning to dance a wonderfully fun experience.

What makes Chicago Dance different?

  • Incredibly fun, top quality dance lessons for beginners and beyond
  • Super-friendly, comfortable atmosphere; stress-free, no attitudes
  • 10+ years experience proudly teaching dance for the LGBT and queer community
  • Guaranteed value: learn to dance and love it
  • Experts at personalizing dance lessons to meet the diverse needs of every couple
  • A one-of-a-kind atmosphere, learn to dance for your wedding and beyond.

You can learn a variety of Ballroom and Latin dances. Depending on your first song and your taste, you will learn the dance moves that fits your song and vision for your wedding dance.

Learning to dance is more than learning steps and patterns. You will learn how to lead and follow so that you will feel confident and comfortable dancing at your wedding and for the rest of your lives.

Private Wedding Dance Lessons

Personal dance instruction is a streamlined and customized way to learn for your wedding. In a private lesson, you receive the full attention of your instructor. Whether you want to learn a choreographed first dance or basic steps and patterns, your teacher will design the lessons based on your requests, needs, dance experience, and learning styles.

Your instructor will move at a pace that is comfortable for the both of you.

You will get the detailed instruction and help you want to gain the skills you need to feel confident for your first dance at your wedding. You will learn enough to allow you to look and feel natural and spontaneous; you’ll learn the secrets of leading and following smoothly; you’ll experience the fun and romance of partner dancing, and you’ll leave with a sense of relief and triumph.

You can schedule private dance lessons at your convenience.

Bring your first song if you’ve chosen one, and learn the specific dance(s) that will work for your song or we will help you choose a song. You may also want to learn what to do for the “parents’ dances” or for other music you’ll be enjoying at the wedding.

Our most popular package is the Premium Wedding Dance Package

Ten dates with your fiancee…a romantic stress-reliever! Learn to dance confidently while enjoying ten fun dance nights out with your fiance(e). Ten lessons worth of dancing and romance, (not to mention tremendous learning!) for you and your sweetheart for $650 per couple. Imagine how great you’ll look and feel on the dance floor at the wedding, after you’ve enjoyed these dance dates with your beloved.


This package is for couples who want to feel confident and graceful during their wedding dance. You will learn elegant, simple movements but nothing too extravagant.

  • Ten private dance lessons
  • Your first dance choreography
  • Entrance and finish for your first dance
  • Confidence
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The most common wedding dance questions:

  • What style of dance should we learn for the song we chose? Couples dance to all kinds of contemporary music and classics. We can help you choose the right dance or mix of dances which may turn out to be a Foxtrot, Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, or something completely different. You can choose your dance style based on either your song, or by the amount of time you want to devote to learning and vision you have for your wedding dance.
  • Should we choreograph our dance? You don’t have to memorize a “routine.” You will surprise yourself with how easy it is to look polished with a simple repertoire of moves with no memorization of sequences. We don’t want you to look stiff, like deers in the headlights while your guests stare at you. If you have more time and what something more complex, then you can have a beautifully choreographed wedding dance.
  • Can we dance to something really different? Absolutely! If it has a beat, we can teach you to dance to it. Your first dance is a unique expression of you, and you don’t need to to fit any mold. You want to love your dance!

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation!

We look forward to meeting you and to helping you dance together!


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