When we talk about ‘connection’ in dance, we’re talking about the means of communications with your dance partner. Connection is the non-verbal and silent communication in dance and there are two main types. First, visual communication, which is like a wireless connection, and second, physical points of contact, which involves touch.

So how do you develop a good connection with your dance partners? In an earlier blog we talked about 4 Steps to Develop Your Own Dance Style so this is a great place to start. But if you have already practiced the basics as a dancer and developed your own style, then you’re ready for the next steps…

connect and look at your dance partner

  1. Pay attention to your posture & engage your center

For a visual connection, maintaining a good posture and engaging your center is essential. We communicate through the carriage of our body, and these simple steps will provide visual cues to your dance partners about where you are going next on the dance floor.

  1. Focus on your  dance partner’s center

If you can control your own body movement and carriage, the better your intentions will be communicated to your partner, but don’t forget it’s also necessary to focus on your partner’s center as well.   It will assist in developing a visual connection and ensure that you both are ‘in sync’ with each other.

  1. Maintain eye contact with your dance partner

Non-verbal cues through eye contact will ensure you and your partner read and respond to each other effectively during your dances. It’s also a great way of giving feedback to make sure you are both reading each other correctly.

  1. Keep a toned frame and match resistance to your dance partner

A toned frame and matching resistance are important for a connection involving physical points of contact. Touch is a transfer of energy, like plugging into a power outlet, so it can be likened, in a way, to ‘plugging in’ to our partner. When we establish physical touch with our partner, a toned frame and matched resistance will give the dance a sharper feeling and a professional look.

Maintaining a good connection with your dance partners is important in so many ways. If you keep the steps above in mind it will help you to improve the quality of your own dancing and enable you to strengthen your skills as a dance partner. Your visual connection and physical points of contact allow you to give helpful visual and physical cues to your partner. Keep focused on these connections and you will both be well on your way to becoming accomplished dance partners in the future.

To learn more about dance partner connections, and how you can improve your dancing style, contact us at Chicago Dance. Private lessons and group classes are available.


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